Why Being Connected Is Detrimental On The Future Of Friendships And Community

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Why Being Connected Is Detrimental to the Future of Friendships and Community Tweeting, updating Instagram, and sharing one’s every thought to Facebook has emerged as a worldwide epidemic. Social networking sites are tools used to help ordinary people render themselves as extraordinary beings to those who follow them. Although social networking has provided people with outstanding ways to communicate and be connected, there will always be repercussions to things that bring “good” to our communities. “I tweet, therefore I Am”, by Peggy Orenstein discusses the many consequences that the social network has prevailed amongst society. Those consequences affect mostly friendships and the community and will continue to affect them in the future. Social networking sites have caused consequences such as, making people change who they are, it has also caused social skills to be lost and has caused people to become desensitized. Your identity is what defines you; social networks have made it possible for anyone to enhance who they truly are. Social network sites have people feel infatuated with the fact that they can change who they are at the very tip of their finger, but at what cost? The enhancement of one’s personality could eventually harm the idea of having friends and can hurt communities throughout the world. Many might figure that this was simply an unintended consequence of the social network phenomenon however, it has evidently caused misconceptions of who you are…

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