Why Beauty Matters Is A Short Film Featuring Roger Scruton Essay

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Why Beauty Matters is a short film featuring Roger Scruton, a philosopher and writer, discussing why beauty matters in art and in life. Scruton discusses what art is today, and what art used to be. He discusses multiple different art pieces that, in his eyes, changed the meaning of art. Why Beauty Matters brings the attention on to several art pieces this class has seen in lectures, as well as brings attention to very different art pieces we have never seen before. Roger Scruton stated his positions on creativity, art, and beauty all throughout the film, and there are some that are hard to agree with. Roger Scruton stated in the film multiple times that art has lost its beauty over the last few years, and that the paintings do not have the same beauty they used to have. There has been beauty lost in some art pieces, and artists now create things to fit into the time period now. Artists are trying to create a shock factor, and are not just simply creating something that represents them. One art piece talked a lot about in this film is the urinal that Marcel Duchamp titled Fountain. Roger Scruton made it very clear throughout the film that he did not understand this creation, and that Marcel Duchamp used it to make a mockery out of art. It is hard to see how a urinal could become such a highly acclaimed art piece that sparked the start of several strange art pieces that has started in recent years. One thing Scruton said in the film was, “art is a work of art, because we…

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