Essay about Why Are Twin Pregnancy Aren 't As Common As Regular?

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Everyday I come across a pregnant woman or even teens. Transitioning from Belize to America, two different environments, where the rules are totally different took a little while to get use to. I find out that you could be pregnant and still be able to go to school in America, this was surprising because, if that happened at my old school the person would be expelled. Things I see around my environment I tend to question but just I silently observe. It is most commonly that there is only one child in the womb. I found it interesting why twin pregnancy aren’t as common as regular, and became interested in how twining a are created in the first place. How could a woman hold multiple babies in her womb ? There is no actual limit to the number of fetuses but depends on the volume and weight. When you hear the word twins, what is the first thing that comes to mind ? Is it, two people that look alike ? Or two people that share the same birthday ? Well every set of twins are different in some way. Whether it is fingerprints, height, or even appearance. There are many different types of twins in the world that sets them apart. There is fraternal twins, identical twins, conjoined twins, Black and White twins, etc. What are twins ? Twins are siblings carried together in the womb and are normally born on the same day. At 14 weeks twins starts to interact with each other. They will touch each other with the same care they will touch them self. Massachusetts is…

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