Why Are Many Elderly People? Essay

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Imagine living a rough life and before reality sets in and you can become a better citizen, you find yourself incarcerated for life. Many individuals serving time are living longer, way beyond the punishment established for their crime. According to Metla, 2015, some inmates may have been given harsher sentences due to programs like “three strikes” you are out (section titled, Why are so many elderly people in prison? para. 2). These individuals may have committed a minor crime but due to the number of offenses they have committed and served time, the third offense makes them lifers in the penal system. According to Habes, 2011, who provided an example of an individual who had 2 prisons stays for serious crimes. He committed a third crime, which was as minor as stealing property, but because it was their third-strike, this individual became a lifer in prison (section titled, The number of California’s elderly inmates has increased, pg. 399, para. 3). Longevity of inmates’ lives is causing havoc on the prison system. As proven years ago, the adult prison system is no place for children or the elderly. Separate facilities and programs should be created to house elderly inmates. Our society rarely speaks about prison systems baring the cost of elderly inmates who are suffering from major physical and mental medical problems. One has heard the saying that the United States prisons are overflowing with minorities, but no one mentions that these individuals are elderly…

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