Why Are Genetically Modified Organisms Are Not Only Unsafe But Destroying The World?

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Growing up in very liberal Madison, WI with liberal foodie parents, I have been socialized to believe that Genetically Modified Organisms are not only unsafe but destroying the world. When asked, “Are genetically modified foods safe to eat?” my instinctive reaction is immediately “NO”. That being said, as a college student I take pride in my ability process information and come to a logical conclusion. Logically I know that the majority of scientific findings contradict my beliefs. With these two conflicting points of view I struggled with how to answer this question. My social upbringing and political affiliation are associated with one response, while my intellectual pride is associated with the other. How does one make decisions when conflicting motives interfere with decision-making?
People are driven to make decisions by a multitude of conflicting factors every day. According to research by Kunda (1990), someone can either be motivated to conclude accurately or instead motivated to come to a specific conclusion or endpoint. People can be motivated to reason accurately in a number of was. A few strategies to elicit an accuracy motivation include telling someone their judgments will be evaluated, they will have to explain their reasoning to others (Kunda, 1990) or reward them for their accuracy with a monetary value (Prior, Sood, and Khanna). Reasoning accurately requires more cognitive effort; one must process the information at a deeper level to attempt at reviling…

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