Why And How It Is Just For Re Distribute Citizens ' Wealth Essay

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When considering different aspects that contribute to understanding why and how it is just to re-distribute citizens’ wealth to those less fortunate, we need to analysis it from many different starting points. Firstly, to examine people born into circumstances which allow them an advantage, such as status, wealth and power, or born with the disadvantage of not having these inherit criteria, these can be seen as an unfair advantage or unfair disadvantage depending which side you originate (Moriarty, 2002). Additionally, we need to look at this issue of spreading the wealth from a hypothetically angle in which all citizens start off on equal ground, however, will the natural intrinsic forces within people ultimately disrupt the outcome (Zhang, 2016). Furthermore, add into the equation the social structures within society and see how they contribute either for the good or for the bad of the people’s outcome of wealth (Mann & Dann, 2005). It is unjust to re-distribute a portion of citizens’ wealth to those who are the least advantaged.
It is arguable to expect people that have the advantage of inborn capabilities, attributes and the addition of, and the majority who consider the greatest advantage, inherit wealth, all elements that support a superior advantage over those less fortunate, and should therefore support those less fortunate (Moriarty, 2002). When comparing the two differences, natural advantage and natural disadvantage, it is unequal for one to do all the hard…

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