Why A Written Communication Policy Essay

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Why a Written Communication Policy?
Communication is essential for any organization to be successful, especially in education (National School Public Relations Association, 2006). The flow of communication between the school superintendent, local school board, teachers, students, parents and community, must be transparent with written policies in place that are accessible (National School Public Relations Association, 2006). A school communications policy should be carefully written with direction on the purposes, plans and objectives how the school will communicate with each of the stakeholders (Moore, 2012). Moreover, the policy should reflect the culture of the school and the views of the local community along with creating a road map of responsibility (Moore, 2012). A written communication policy that is well thought through will attract community involvement and increase local support for solidifying the importance for a strong public school education system (Moore, 2012).
Policy Statement
Within a well-structured institute or corporation, there are various departments that have distinctive roles for the success of the organization. Each division or department may have a written policy to ensure accountability and direction for each individual to accomplish their mission as an organization. A well-organized school system will have a clear policy, such as a communication plan, in place to carry out its vision throughout a school and community (Moore, 2012).…

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