Who To Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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When people die there is a reason why they died maybe from someone or something but was it their own fault? Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's most famous plays. In the play there are two teen lovers Romeo and Juliet. They take their love for each other seriously and get married. The only problem is they didn't tell their family they were getting married which led to some serious problems. After to long of keeping their marriage a secret it goes too far and they both end up dead. There are multiple people at fault for their deaths and the people at fault are themselves and the nurse because of how blinded everyone is which causes bad decision making. In this essay we will be proving who's fault it was, why it was their fault, and why …show more content…
She had direct contact every day with Juliet's parents. She also knew Romeo and Juliet were getting married and was told to keep it a secret but knew it was not that good of an idea. The nurse being an adult I feel like she should have been more mature and told the parents about what they were doing. She should of stopped Juliet from making bad decisions or at least helped. “Is your man secret? Did you ne’er hear say”. This from Act 2 Scene 4 where the Nurse is asking Juliet if they are getting married in secret, which Juliet told her they were and the nurse agreed to not tell anyone. If the nurse is suppose to be Juliet’s guardian in a way she should of told someone about the decision she made and tried to protect her. Even though she knows that their marriage is a secret and the parents don't want her to marry yet she lets it happen which eventually leads to their death. Romeo and Juliet died because the bad decisions of Romeo, Juliet, and the nurse. Romeo and Juliet’s deaths could have been prevented very easily but because of everyone making awful decisions they payed the price. Being blinded by love can lead to very bad situations and it shows in this play. In this play we see love that has gone too far. For such young people no one should of let them go that far. If you fell in love would you let it control your life or would you make the right

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