Who Moved My Cheese Essay

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Who Moved My Cheese is a well-articulated business fable about how to deal with change in organizations, personal life, and in various situations involving changing paradigms. There are four characters identified in the fable and are described in the below figure. It’s important to note that both Sniff and Scurry are mice in the story and Hem and Haw represent two little people. This paper is being written with the objective of identifying the character in the fable which is least like me (or who least represents my views of change) and discuss his point of view. The character that I will select for this brief analysis is Hem.

Application Analysis
Hem’s character in the fable describes a typical person in an
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He is downright unwilling to change in order to find more cheese. However, Hem’s character reveals a few perspectives that the fable doesn’t explicitly identify, but I wanted to make visible here.
Be Careful to Resist for the Right Reasons Resisting change is not always a negative attribute. In fact, resistance to change may help inform the change agent of perspectives not originally considered or not fully addressed in the change vision and strategy. However, Hem resisted change because he became comfortable with the status quo. He wasn’t ready for change. The fable identifies the fact that he and Haw both took off their shoes and put them down and away because they felt they weren’t going to need them again. This attitude doesn’t show the right adaptive mindset. If your basis for resisting change isn’t set in intelligible considerations, it may be time for a self-evaluation.

Don’t Mislead Others by Your Resistance Your cheese or need for cheese may not be everyone else’s cheese or need for cheese. Hem influenced Haw and discouraged him from seeking more cheese because Hem did not have a “change” mindset. His comfortableness and needs seemed to be the prevailing thought which influenced Haw to wait as long as he did before Haw laughed at his own folly and decided to move. In organizations, Hem characters are

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