Who Is The Victim Precipitation Theory? Essay

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Taking in consideration all the circumstances in this case there are plenty of theories that are relevant to this case. The one that applies the most to this case would have to be the Victim Precipitation Theory. This theory reads, “victimizations result from a number of precipitating factors, one of which is the victim’s behavior, including lifestyle interactions in situations in which deviance and criminality flourish. Simply put, one who undertakes a crime risk activity or participates in a deviant act, however temporarily, takes a chance of becoming either a victim or an offender. The culture or physical environment and one’s social standing may not make a difference in victim-precipitated events. Victim precipitation can be active or passive, depending on the role or behavior of the victim.” Meadows, R. J. (2013). For example, in the description of the facts Carla decided to go on a job well past 10 pm. She was trying to get in a healthier life style and even though her choice of life style was definitely not criminal at all, she put herself in a situation of danger when she decided to go on a run so late at night. She dint take into consideration that it was late at night when she decided to go out on a jog to her boyfriend’s house. Even though she lived in a somewhat safe neighborhood, deciding to go to her boyfriend’s house trough a bar by her sell was definitely not a good idea. She should of took into consideration the totality of the circumstances and should have…

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