Who Is The Real Winner? Essay

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Who is the Real Winner?

The question of whether athletes are born or made has become the leading topic of athletic debate in the recent decade. Were esteemed athletes such as Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi, and Rory McIlroy born with gifted talent, or were they made elite athletes through hard work and the right nurturing?. Through the development of the human genome and the increasing research into genetics, many scientists and athletes have wondered if nature or nurture has more of an effect on athletic ability. Some scientists, optimistic about the future of genetics, have claimed that winners posses innate traits from birth, while others believe it is the development of talent that is more important in success. Through numerous studies testing genes and nurturing, the results showed great variety in sports and individuals. The question is whether this variety really exists. Do the elite athletes that have the genetics to be great really only get to that high level just from sheer nature or did other nurturing factors contribute as well? It seems that athletes need to have some athletic ability/genes from the beginning otherwise they can never use nurture to get better. But is this claim mistaken? Is the athletic talent seen at early ages really just the result of parent nurturing. And are nations’ dominance is some sports the result of special genetics or the proper culture and focus for creating top athletes. Genetics have become the easy response and…

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