Who Is The Best Friend? Essay

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Tall, blonde, skinny, whinny, clingy, dependable, understanding, kind, emotionally unstable, and the greatest friend I could ever have. That sentence is what you would find if you looked up the definition of Maggie.
When I first met Maggie I wasn’t a fan she was snobbish and had an “I am better than everyone else” air about her that got under my skin and made me want to stay away, which I did as much as I could. She was friends with two of my closest friends so I was around her more than I wished to be, but thankfully we didn’t have many classes together so we weren’t around each other without our mutual friends, though when we did have class together we always had someone else to talk to so we never talked to one another. That changed when we ended up being the only sophomores in one class that we shared and we actually began to talk to one another because who wants to talk to upper or lower classmen, we didn’t talk much mind you but more than we ever had before. But I still wasn’t too keen on her, her personality was just too cold and uppity for me to actually try and develop a good friendship with her.
Maggie told me a few years later that that class sophomore year was when she had always thought our friendship began, but for me it happened somewhere else, it happened on the Lockwood High track that surrounds the Lockwood High football field after a football game. Now I can’t tell you who we were playing, if we won, or anything about that game but I can tell you the…

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