Essay on Who Is Born With A Traumatic Brain Injury?

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When we read about Maggie we see that she was born with a very healthy biological constitution in which she grew up in the United States and attended college on the West Coast. Unfortunately a motorcycle accident that threw her 20 feet in the air, causing Maggie to sustain multiple fractures and a severe close head injury, she was not wearing her helmet. Due to the injuries Maggie sustained she was in a coma for three weeks.This accident changed her life forever. Before the accident, she had a very healthy biological constitution and now that has all changed. Eventually all of her External bodily injuries, fractures healed and she was able to walking and talk again just like she did before but unfortunately she wasn 't the same cognitively. The accident caused Maggie to have a Traumatic brain injury that permanently changed her world. From the outside Maggie looked healed but her actions told a different story , even her friends and family couldn 't understand why she was acting so different because they didn 't understand how bad her Trumatic brain injury Affected her behavior, that occurred when she fell off the motorcycle. Maggie 's brain didn 't function the same way as it did before her accident.
When we focus on Maggie psychologically we see that before her accident, she was a functioning college student working towards graduating until the motorcycle accident that altered her cognitive development. Maggie was hospitalized with the Traumatic brain injury like 235,000…

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