Who Is A Psychopath? Essay example

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The disorder known as “sociopath” has undergone several term changes throughout history. “Antisocial personality disorder” was labeled as “moral insanity” in the 1830’s and in 1900; the term was renamed to “psychopathic personality.”
The word sociopathy was first introduced in 1909 in Germany by biological psychiatrist Karl Birnbaum and in 1930 in the US by educational psychologist George E. Partridge. The term was meant to be an alternative to the concept of psychopathy, and was used to indicate the violation of social norms, or antisocial behavior. As per this definition, sociopathy is the same as psychopathy. ("Difference between Psychopath and Sociopath," 2015)
There has been much confusion between the psychopath and sociopath because of the similarities between them; however, they are very different.
“In modern psychiatry, a sociopath is defined as someone suffering from antisocial personality disorder and who displays a lack of empathy, conscience, and very little regard for authority of the law. A psychopath is defined as someone suffering from a mental disorder characterized by antisocial and amoral behavior tendencies, an inability to love or establish meaningful relationships, extreme egocentricity, and a failure to learn from experience.” ("Difference Between Sociopath Vs Psychopath Definition | What is Psychology?," 2015)
They equally are unremorseful of their actions or other’s feelings while they manipulate and use other’s for their personal…

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