Who copes better with Earthquakes: HICs or LICs Essay

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Who copes better with Earthquakes: HIC or LIC?
This report will focus on examples of different earthquakes happening around the world and explain why some countries cope better than others. To cope well, the country should have low death tolls, good communication with rescue services and other countries willing to help, evacuation and other emergency plans are planned well, and minimizing the amount of damage done to the country.
What are HIC and LIC countries?
HIC, also known as MEDC, stand for Higher Income Country or More Economically Developed Country and LIC or LEDC mean Lower Income Country or Less Economically Developed Country. HICs have a high standard of living while LICs usually have a low standard of living. HICs are in
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300,000 people were left homeless and were forced to live in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. It was estimated that over $100 billion was needed to repair the damage done.
People were evacuated from the city and rescue teams searched for survivors for 10 days. Many people moved away from the city for good. Jobs were created as part of a rebuilding program.
Japan copes well with the earthquake because they design earthquake proof buildings to minimize the damage of the earthquake, they take interest in educating people in how to behave during an earthquake and invests in money to spend just in case of an earthquake striking.
Case Study: San Francisco, United States of America
This earthquake struck on October 18th, 1989 in Loma Pieta. The earthquake was measured 6.9 on the Richter scale. The final death toll was 63 people.
The earthquake was caused by the sudden release of pressure that had built up when the North American and Pacific Plate moved past each other causing friction. This is called a conservative plate boundary.
Over 12,000 people were left homeless after their houses were destroyed. 3,500 people were injured and 100,000 buildings were destroyed. The two-tier Bay Bridge and Nimitz freeway were both partially damaged. Many bridges and freeways, fires, shattered buildings collapsed. There were also many gaping cracks in roads and landslides. The total economic damage was around $10 billion.
Massive rescue efforts were made underway to help the

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