White Privilege : The Invisible Knapsack Essay

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It is no surprise for someone in today’s society to hear about racial discrimination amongst local events in town, or simple civil rights that are overlooked daily. Whether you agree or disagree, people from all cultures have to face complex situations a lot more than those who aren’t of color. The essay “White Privilege: The Invisible Knapsack” was an essay written by Peggy McIntosh. With such a meaningful title, some may overlook what “The Invisible Knapsack” really is symbolizing. When I think of knapsack I start to envision someone zipped completely up in a sleeping bag. This knapsack served more as a shield in society than anything else. Nevertheless, knapsacks are not only protecting, but they create comfort to those inside of it. The problem is there are many minorities that are not.
White privilege has always been something of our society. It has become a norm that one must live with whether they want or not. McIntosh started off discussing the advantages men have over women, but soon made it a race issue. After reading McIntosh’s’ opinion about how white privilege is on the same concern level as male privilege, I started to think she may not be extremely biased. Seeing her state opinions like; “I think whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege, as males are taught not to recognize male privilege” (McIntosh, 537) are completely believable to someone of little intelligence. This knapsack is a coat that not only puts them under an umbrella for…

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