Where Have All The Criminals Gone? Essay

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Ahmad Darweesh
About the Reading Analysis of
“Where Have All the Criminals Gone?”
From Leavitt and Dubner’s Freakonomic

Executive Summary
This chapter has discussed about personal view of writer on the decreasing rate of crime in America. The document provides the reader with a number of occasions for critical thinking. In this chapter the author argues about the data exposed that state the current crime rate; stating that the basic reason for the plummeting crime rates in the US in the time of 1990s is the decision taken by government in 1973, about the legalization of abortion. According to the author this legalization is not fine, as the babies that could be born in that time will never be born. And these babies would be expert criminal by the end of 1990s and will be at the peak of their criminal career as the crime rate is lower now. This chapter of the book is a discussion about the issue of how Romanian dictator banned abortion in the country. And according to the author this ban resulted in the birth of kids that became criminal in their life.

Framing the Problem
The core of the discussion is abortion and its legalization in Romania and United States. The discussion is resulted on the idea of assessment of ban on abortion in the Romania and its legalization period in the US, as it is the most captivating one. For more than 500 years the violent crimes in the US were not occurring. And the legal conditions in the US were stable. The core reason for this was…

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