Where Have All Parents Gone? Essay

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Ellisha Sharma
Critical Response Where Have All The Parents Gone? Barbara Dafoe Whitehead In her essay, “Where Have All The Parents Gone?” Barbara Dafoe Whitehead addresses that investing in kids is the bumper sticker for an important new cause, aptly tagged the kids as capital argument. Children make much of the stockpile of America’s potential human capital. But, American children aren’t prepared to run the race. It also responds to broad set of national concerns. The argument reaches beyond the community of traditional children’s advocates and draws business into the child-saving fold. It imagines
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In Celina’s case, her parents were too leant. They hardly discipline her. It was mainly her mother who did all the discussions, and her father would just stare. He never knew how to confront them. Her mother would tell him to spank them, and he would grab a fly swatter and say, “careful, there is a fly, I am trying to kill.” And lightly hit them joking around. It always made her mother furious. Her mother’s heart was gentle, she cooked breakfast for them daily, made their

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