Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? Essay

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In the narrative, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” Joyce Carol Oates, presents you with a look into the life of, Connie, the story’s main character. Connie was your typical rebel teen, she did not always tell the truth to her parents, snuck off to the beach, went out anytime any place, was free willed, and had a dysfunctional family life. “Smooth Talk” (1985) directed by Joyce Chopra, is the motion picture motivated by the narrative, which has a very similar take on the story, yet having its own fingerprint on the plot. Equally these pieces have similar central ideas, however they varied in the area of family affairs, Arnold Friend and his preoccupation with Connie, the readers/viewer’s perception of a vague conclusion, furthermore, the lessons brought forth by the author/director in each version.
Mentioning one major variance amongst the two versions of the plot, rested on Connie’s bond with her family. Oates in short discusses Connie’s manners and connection with her loved ones at home. In the story version the mother appears uncaring concerning Connie, and is not raising her agreeably because she is resentful of her daughter 's youth and squandered potential. Meanwhile, the screen’s adaptation of the mother is irrational and shows her love through frustration, which Connie can’t suffer. Regardless of the conflicting interactions between Connie and her parents, there is a mood of forgiveness towards the end of both accounts; Connie, reaches the opinion of…

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