When Their Eyes Were Watching God Feminist Analysis

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When Their Eyes Were Watching God is viewed under Marxist and feminist theories, more of the meanings Zora Hurston intended comes to light. In the story, many things, people, God, and even nature itself has power, but some of that power is a product of gender, so both should be used to truly grasp the meaning of the book. The main and most forefront ‘power’ in the book is brought by the main character, Janie. She has emotion, physical, as well as financial prowess. Her beauty is brought up often which allows her to gain financial stability, her strength of character allows her to leave not only one, but two loveless marriages. Her strength over her emotions allows her to survive over 20 years with an emotionally and physically abusive spouse …show more content…
Her power and confidence allow her to overcome many social ‘rules’ like marrying ‘down’ working, learning, and loving with her entire being. Her perspective on life gives her yet another edge. Society makes everyone think that it has the power, but it only does until the moment you realize it doesn’t- and she always knew. Even when she’s on trial for the alleged ‘murder’ of Teacake, she still doesn’t yield, she doesn’t beg, she states the truth and they can believe whatever they want to, she even states that the worst tragedy would be for them to think that she didn’t love Teacake, even if she had been put in jail or executed. She also possesses a great amount of love and gentleness in her, even when Tea cake and Janie were fearing for their lives, she still told him she loves him, and wouldn’t change a thing. She has no fear for herself, only for the people she loves. Her selflessness is shown very strongly. Her strength is hidden, but very much a factor in her life, one of the greatest displays of her strength is one that is greatly looked over. She hid her soul from Joe, to save herself, but her strength truly shows when her soul comes back out for teacake, after being hurt, she still puts herself in the line of fire to attain the love she so desperately …show more content…
The duality in the book truly shows the great power that nature and God has. Even on a whim. Janie is looking to God the whole time to find love, and blames him for the death of Teacake. But nature showed Janie love and the understanding of a marriage, and gave her the Muck, which was so fertile in any way, which supported them financially and supplied friends, and a happy life with Teacake. But nature also took it all away from her. It drove her from all her happiness to the town she had left years ago. Nature sent her there, so even with all of Janie’s power, she is still influenced by outward forces. One could say that nature gave Janie the idea of love for her to strive after, and gain strength

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