Essay on When Is The Right Time For Have Sex?

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When is the Right Time to Have Sex?

When the chemistry clicks just right and the only thing you can think about is having sex, remember that the same dating rules apply. So when is the right time to have sex? He might not be ready yet even if you want to move forward, and you may feel frustrated because he dictates how serious the relationship gets. What’s more important is sex sometimes creates a false sense of intimacy, and once you give in you will lose the upper hand in the dating power dynamics.
When is the Right Time to Have Sex?
• Talk it Over: If you’re not even able to talk it over with your partner, you’re not ready to move forward in the relationship. It’s critically important for you to be able to talk comfortably to your partner about it to ensure you’re on the same page. Items you should be discussing are things such as whether or not you’ll be having sex with other partners, what kind of protection you’ll be using, and where your relationship stands moving forward.
• Multiple or Single Partners: Many casual relationships can involve multiple partners. When couples are casually dating, some are comfortable sleeping with multiple partners at once, so long as they are being as safe as they can. However, if you or your partner feels strongly that a sexual relationship should not be shared with others, now is the time to discuss the issue.
• Trustworthiness: When is the right time to have sex? When you really trust your partner, that’s when! You really are…

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