When I Start A New Class Essay

1164 Words Nov 13th, 2016 5 Pages
It’s crazy how the weeks fly by when I start a new class. I can’t believe we are ending week three already! This week has been busy for me, but I enjoyed every assignment in this class. I am glad I chose this class when I was deciding on classes for the fall semester.
One of my favorite activities in this class so far is the current events assignments. I love how we get to research a recent article that shows historical significance, summarize the article, give our opinions/thoughts on the subject, and share it with our classmates. This activity can help teachers see if students have good research and critical thinking skills. It 's fascinating to read my classmate 's posts so I can learn from what they are showing me. It 's disappointing to see a few students post a couple of sentences, not post the link to the article, and act like they didn’t think about the assignment. It 's sad that some students are not thinking critically in the posts because this is a fun activity where we can summarize the article and express how we feel about the subject; there is no wrong answer. I like that Jeremy Stoeckel posted about John Daly. I did not know who he was before I read Jeremy’s post, so it was fascinating to read a brief post about John and everything he has been through. Also, I enjoyed reading Scott Hayes post. Some of my classmates might not think that NASCAR is a sport, but it 's a sport. I wrote about how Daniel Suarez is making history in NASCAR. Daniel is the first Mexican…

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