What 's Up With You And That Family Essay

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When the Mikaelson family finally got reunited, it made the gang quite tense. You all weren’t sure what they had up their sleeves if they had anything at all. being the type of person to see the best of people, you decided to give the original family a chance.
”I think he likes you. If I got an invitation from an original vampire alongside a beautiful dress, I’d be over the moon.”
”Are you kidding? He’s up to something. And anyways, what’s up with you and that family?”
”All I’m saying is to give him a chance. I know you, Care. Deep down, you can’t resist those dimples.”
”I hate you.”
”Hold on.” Your doorbell had rung so you jump out of bed and head to the door. At first, you had thought some prankster rang the door as a joke because no one was outside, but when you looked down at your doormat, it revealed another story.
”What the hell?”
”What’s wrong?” Her voice suddenly got serious as she waited eagerly for your reply.
”There’s a box…and a letter?” You press the loudspeaker option on your phone and picked up the box.
”That little player! If he’s trying to get with you too…” She yelled, knowing exactly what was in that white box. You placed the box on your kitchen counter and began to open the letter.
”Please join the Mikaelson Family…This evening at seven o’clock for dancing, cocktails & celebration.”
”Yeah, I got the same exact one. Check the back.” You did what she said and turned the invitation over to reveal a little message.
”A dress fit for a queen. Save me a dance,…

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