Essay on What 's It All Worth?

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What’s it all Worth?
(Three messages from the story Araby by James Joyce)

James Joyce, a rather famous story writer, has a story called Araby. The story 's main character is a catholic school boy lives in a dingy neighborhood. He then sees this girl who is the sister of his friend and he thinks that he is in love with her. One day she asks the boy if he is going to the Araby. The responds that he is not totally sure, but if he goes he will surely bring her something. The boy goes to the Araby and by the time he arrives there are no stalls open. One stall that was still open had and attractive young girl in which embarrassed the boy. The boy ends up leaving buying nothing and is fighting back tears from anguish and anger. The story reminds me of an episode of Power Rangers in which a character wants to buy a girl a gift to impress her and he ends up not being able to get her anything because the jewelry was too expensive. There are three messages from Araby in which captured my attention and appealed to me, immaturity,isolation, and realization of adult life.

First off, the boy in Araby showed signs of immaturity in which provoked the rest of the story. The boy thought that he was in love with Mangan 's sister which lead him to do childish things such as dance in the rain chanting,”O, love! O love!” just thinking about the girl. The boy could not control his emotions and was being immature toward the situation. He also spoke out of emotions and joy rather than thinking…

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