What 's Holding Back American Teenagers? Essays

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In Laurence Steinberg article, “What’s Holding Back American Teenagers?” Steinberg talks about the importance of education and how there is a big problem we all aren’t seeing. We think the problem is making school more affordable which is an issue but it’s not the problem. Throughout time, many kids have improved in elementary and middle school by challenging themselves but when they get to high school it goes downhill. Adults think that the problem in the education system is providing affordable education to their kids, so the government gives them charter and public schools. Since their child is going to school they no longer see a problem but this is when the problem starts. Many of these high schoolers see high school as a social hour. Young kids don’t take their education serious. Many Americans don’t participate in class or worse…they don’t even go to class. Since they don’t participate they have no way of challenging themselves which is a problem that can’t be improved unless there’s a change. This is such an important issue because by not challenging themselves these high schoolers have no ambition which is critical for a change in the world. Each generation is suppose to challenge themselves so their knowledge can contribute to the world but if these kids don’t have ambition or knowledge we might not overcome important obstacles that our country has. I genuinely feel that Steinberg’s main point is, “If we want our teenagers to thrive, we need to help them develop…

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