What 's Eating Gilbert Grape? Essay example

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How much does responsibility mean to you when you hear it? Having responsibility can both mean and be very powerful. Having responsibility is what makes an individual grow up and be mature. Being responsible can refer to having the ability to make certain decisions on our own or the interest of others. In What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, it a powerful and meaningful story about a big family in a small town called Endora in Iowa. Throughout the story the family faces a lot of problems having A sibling with a disability and having to take care of them there whole life without any help of the parents after the father had passed away and a mother who suffered depression after the father passed away causing the mother to stay inside for 7 years and getting over weight. Gilbert grape is a young man who will face a lot of challenges throughout the story having to have a lot of responsibility to take care of his younger brother who has a disability. What 's Eating Gilbert Grape shows that having responsibility for others is important and if you don’t take care of them, then the consequences will be difficult for everyone around you.
To begin with, In What’s Eating Gilbert Grape many characters in the story have role of responsibility that they need to take and have. Bonnie Grape a role of a mother of a family of 7. Bonnie Grape was a mother of the Grape family. Her husband had passed away 17 years before this story was taken placed. Bonnie was a good looking women before her husband…

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