What You Do With Your Own Time Away From Work? Essay

750 Words Nov 21st, 2016 3 Pages
What you do with your own time away from work should not affect your work life, unless you present it in your work environment. Per Shaw (2014) Mrs. Pettit and her partner was living a “nonconventional sex life style,” she was asked by local television to converse ideas under camouflages, but was still recognized by one or her peers. She and her husband was being watched by some undercover police while they were at a sexual private party. She was later arrested and charge, because they thought she was violating California Penal Code. But, she was of age at the time, so the penal code does not apply. (Pg. 342, Par 2.) The Board of Education thought that they were protecting Mrs. Pettis’s interest by firing her, but what they were doing was violating her Rights and Privacy. They move from giving her credit as being a great teacher to discrediting her as unfit, because of her preferable sexual interest. She was not committing a crime, so I think the Board firing her was unjustified. Per the Shaw (2014) “Ethics is an extensive arena, which could be analyze in different areas of our lives.” In Mrs. Pettit’s situation, the board was looking at her conduct the way in which she performs when she is not at work. It also, deals with individual character and the moral rules that oversee and limit our behavior.” (Pg. 3. Par. 1). Mrs. Pettits, have the right to do whatever she wants to do on her own time away from her working environment without being judge. So yes, her rights were…

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