Essay on What You Do About Bio Solids

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What to do about Bio solids
Thirty plus years ago thousands if not millions of American dumped their raw sewage directly into the nations rivers, lakes and bays. Thus the Clean Water Act (1972) was established to stop the discharge of pollutants into these waterways. Bio solids are a nutrient- rich organic material resulting from the treatment of domestic sewage from a treatment plant. After the treatment process is completed and all the water is recycled and what is left is a biodegradable solid known as bio solid. (
Bio solids are created through the treatment of sewage wastewater. The process starts before the plant for industrial facilities. Local laws require that industrial waste are pretreated before sent to the treatment plant. When the wastewater arrives at the treatment plant the sewage is then treated chemically and biologically to remove all the solids. Most of the time the solids are then treated using lime to raise the pH level to reduce their odors. The plant also sanitizes the solids of bacteria, viruses, and parasite so the transportation of disease is greatly reduced. There are three main uses of bio solids incineration, landfill disposal, and ocean disposal. Incineration method is preferred by some eastern U.S. cities. Energy is produced from the burying of these bio solids which is converted to electricity. Though the incinerators then have to be specially equipped to prevent the release of hazardous pollutants. Landfill disposal is mixing…

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