Essay about What Writing Really Is?

1929 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
What writing really is? Why do I often choose writing as the method to record my innermost voice? Can I influence the readers through my writing? These are all the questions that often pop to my Writing is much more powerful than what we think. Many unexpected knowledge and personal reflection can be learned through writing. In writing, writers often have more than one purpose. They can write to share their emotions, but instead, they write to influence their audience’s fundamental thinking.
There are many ways to approach the audience—writing or speaking. In my point of view, writing is a much more efficient way to get certain ideas through. Not only does writing provide for a more elaborate argument on behalf of the writer; it allows the reader to analyze the content, looking over the minute details in the writing style to better understand the perspective of the author. When I passively listen to a song, All of Me by John Legend, on a radio channel, there is a little of chance that I would capture every small detail, but if I were to read the lyrics, observing the nuances behind the words, I would have a much better chance of understanding the deep meaning behind the song. This is particular why I believe sharing my voice through writing is more efficient than speaking.
Writing down ideas does not only help the reader to better grasp them, but it also gives writers the open space to discuss controversial topics such as religious beliefs writing. These subjects are not…

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