Essay on What Would You Say If They Cure For Cancer?

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What would you say if they cure for cancer could be within our grasp? Within the last decade, we’ve developed advanced medical procedures that have allowed us to cure many diseases that would have been potentially fatal 100 years ago. With time cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s could be as easy to cure as the common flu. Stem cells are the idea that could have the ability to cure disease, heal organs, and even possibly regrow limbs. They’re a relatively new advancement that has undiscovered potential but also undiscovered downfalls. In 1978, stem cells were first discovered in the human body within bone marrow. The cells had the ability to regenerate themselves and mock others. This means they could be taught to generate cartilage, fibrous connective tissue, bone and other tissue that help support the blood. Further research concluded that this was not there full potential as they could make numerous other cells like brain and muscle. They were then found to be in smaller amounts in the blood vessels, teeth, testis, skeletal muscles and hearth but most important embryos (Reya, 2001). Stem cells are most available in embryos and they have the easiest adaptability then. The possibilities of embryonic stem cells are endless which is why they caught the attention of so many people. On July 18, 2006 the United States Senate passed a bill to which would’ve made it legal for the federal government to spend money on embryonic stem cell research under the condition that the…

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