Essay about What Would Paranormal Activia Be About?

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I was reading a forum post online and someone misspelled the word ‘activity’ as ‘activia’. Then other commenters pointed out the blunder and were poking fun at the mistake. Someone jokingly substituted the word into a horror movie, now titled Paranormal Activia. This two-word response prompted me to wonder, “What would Paranormal Activia be about?” This adaptive short film works in two ways to adapt two sources into a singular film. I took the comment and combined it with a similar story structure to Paranormal Activity to make a satirical short film. It plays on many of the tropes Paranormal Activity uses to be scary; making it funny. I’d never seen the actual movie, so I spent a few hours watching, writing about, and enjoying the film. Whenever a key moment happened in the movie, I rewrote it in my ideas journal but added some sort of modification to it so it incorporated yogurt.
Paranormal Activia is a found footage film, recorded on a handheld camera by a woman and her boyfriend. The woman has been recently scared because her yogurt keeps disappearing and they can’t figure out where it’s going. The man gets a camera to record the kitchen while they sleep. One night the fridge opens by itself, a few nights later the cutlery drawer opens by itself. The woman calls in a yogurt aficionado to figure out how to fix this. The yogurt man interviews the woman and asks her normal questions like how long it’s been happening, etc. And then the mood changes to a very serious tone…

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