Black Male Image

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What would I do to improve the image of the black male?

What will I do to improve the image of the black male? Well , since I am a black male myself, I will do my best to improve the image of black males. But first let me tell you how African American males are badly represented. Regardless , if we believe in ourselves or not. Most people just believe the stereotype that they see on television. Black males are slandered on all forms of media. Very rarely do you see the good things that black males do.

That will change, because like we always do ,we will rise above it. We have to be the difference that we want to see. We have to show them that we are more than criminal, gangsters, and thugs. If you wanted to look at a black man that 's doing positive things, a role model would be Will Smith. He has surpassed any goal
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I want to educate them about how we are great and the greatness inside of us and regardless of how much the white man tries to keep us down like Maya Angelou said still I rise. Like Martin Luther King said “I have a dream of the day in which little black boys and little white boys can play and harmony” I have a dream with little white boys and little black boys can be born with equal rights and little black boys not get killed by the police lay in the street like dogs. In a country wherenhere little black boys are born with a sense of self-worth that they are great. I realize that I am Trayvon Martin, I am Mike Brown, and I am an African American male that will fight everyday to improve the image of African American males not just in Detroit but everywhere. My dream will be progressed every day that I am on this earth. If not me who and if not now

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