Berlin Wall Research Paper

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Ronald Reagan once said “come here, to this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” (“Reagan”). Prior to the fall of the wall in 1989, Germany was split into two different parts, one being the West and the other being the East. The Berlin Wall had a significant impact on Germany because the country was not united and it prevented development in the East. The fall of the Berlin wall had a positive effect on Germany by starting the process of unification in the country.
Germany was divided into two separate parts after World War ll. The East being under the control of the Soviet Union and the West being the Western Allied powers (“The fall of the Berlin wall.”). The Soviet Union did not allow the people in the
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The people of east german now can pass the wall freely and its for the first time in twenty-eight years (“the Unification 16”). Unfortunately, the unification of the people would not come together as fast as the wall went down. The way of living in the East and the West were very different. So this meant that it would take the people even longer to become unified because all the different ways of living, socially and economically. As the days passed on, life for people living in Germany went back to normal. Even though several Germans went to the opposite side they were living on, they still carried on their beliefs (The Fall of the Berlin wall”). The people of Germany were happy to be united once again and knew that the wall would never be put up again (Schmemann 53). The fall of the Berlin Wall brought great changes . With the fall of the wall, the fall of the Soviet Union occurred as well because it decreased the amount of communism in the state of Germany (“The Fall of the Berlin Wall”).
During the time of when the Berlin wall was present, it was a scary and tough life for the people living in East and West Germany. The Berlin wall did much more than just separating Germany, it impacted the social, economic and political aspects of Germany. The fall of the Berlin wall had a huge impact with the people's lives before and after the wall came down. As much as the wall had a negative impact, it was a positive time for the people of Germany because it made them united

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