What Was The Cause Of The Bosnian Genocide

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It could be argued that while the Serbs were responsible for destroying Bosnia, the exploitation of the Croats harmed their Bosnian allies just as much as it helped them, resulting in the further seizing of land and resources and the spreading of the war into areas it otherwise would have passed over. However, the Bosnian government would likely have fallen completely without their assistance, as the Serbs marauding in the region were equipped, funded, and supplemented by troops from the militarily superior nation of Serbia.
One of the final blows in Bosnia, and the one that finally spurred the international community into action, was the attack on Srebrenica. Throughout the course of the war, the UN had established six “safe zones” in Bosnia.
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The genocide and war in Bosnia, as well as the decade-long Yugoslav Wars of which it was a part, was set in motion by the greed of greater powers in the fourteenth century. During the twentieth century, the pressures of ethnic strife grew, and even a strong centralized union could not contain them. The incredibly misguided actions of the European Community led to the outbreak of violence within Bosnia, and the systemized killing of 100,000 people. But once this occurred, the world tried to disown the results of its actions, and a stop to the genocide didn’t come for three years. Even today, Bosnia & Herzegovina still bears the marks of its conflict, and suffers from the poor serving of justice. These events should be a reminder and a warning to the rest of the world. In today’s global age, the world should strive to come together and seek responsible solutions to its conflicts. Perhaps most importantly, the great powers of the world should own their actions and work to correct their mistakes instead of distancing

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