Essay about What Was The Biggest Lie Of Centuries? The American Dream?

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What was the biggest lie of centuries? The American Dream, the land of prosperity, and the land of the free. No, the pursuit of happiness was the biggest trick. The most important thing to know is even though it was a lie, human perseverance has also made some of it a reality. The process of entering the United States was entirely a struggle. None the less, America was still the land of opportunity and fortune for those who were ambitious and possessed a great will to acquire their dream. However, for the majority who believed in the dream, there were many things that undermined and limited them from truly acquiring their American dream. The main limiting factors of being able to live the American ideals were immigration, assimilation/naturalization, and public voice. The most fundamental challenge of getting to the United states was a big issue. To immigrate into the united states, individuals needed to pass rigorous screenings and examinations to ensure that they were fit for being inside the growing nation. The most prevalent situation where this was seen is Ellis Island, the screening process of European immigrants (Petersen Immigration). They had designed a series of tests for mental and physical heals defect. They also created a series of marking that they would mark on individuals if they were found to have defects. If these defects were significant to a certain degree they would be sent back though, “only about 2% of immigrants were sent home.” (Petersen…

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