What Type Of Software Can Be Accessed Essay

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Even though these major companies have different business models and strategies they are seeking for ways to dominate the experience of an Internet user. They all have their own proprietary strengths and benefits that they can bring to the table. In terms of business models, Apple focuses on their consumers by bringing them a personalized web experience through their famous hardware such as iPads, iPhones, and iMacs. These hardware carry their two major OS systems called the Mac OS X, the iOS, and through the internet. Despite the limitations of what type of software can be accessed, they are offering over 250,000 apps through the iOS App store. Secondly, Microsoft’s business model is focused on their leading operating system which is used by 95% of the computers worldwide and the famous Microsoft Office that allows us to type documents and make PowerPoint presentations. In fact, these were Microsoft’s strengths; however, they miserably failed with smartphones, mobile computing, and cloud-based software applications. Lastly, Google focuses the market from the mobile phone, advertisements and operating systems. Domination in advertising with their popular search engine, and their Android OS were their strengths, and in fact, the Android OS controls 41% of the mobile market share. It is constantly growing three times quicker than the iPhone market share.
The fundamental paradigm shift was the reason why mobile computing is very important to these firms. As a matter of fact,…

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