What Type Of Democracy Will Maintain The Peace? Essay

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What type of democracy will maintain the peace?
For the past 50 years, we have been fighting to attain the island of Luucane. The fight is now finally over and our building phase has begun. I have constructed a type of government that will enable the people of Luucane to live together in harmony. Our island will follow a system of democracy. To begin, democracy can be defined as a system of government that is run by the people. The people would cast their votes on whom they believe is worthy to represent them. The officials who were successfully elected would then reflect on their people’s votes and take action based on their people’s behalf. There are a few key elements that come into play when speaking of a democratic system. First and foremost is the voting process; the voting process is usually carried through elections in which the citizens of the government are entitled to have free and fair decisions on whom they want to run their country. Second of all is the participation itself. Since democracy is heavily relied on its citizens’ votes, it is crucial that they participate in their civil duty. With this the protection of our human rights are guaranteed for all citizens. Although democracy is very popular and is considered as historically successful, there are many pros and cons that come along the political system. Considering democracy being ruled by the people, as previously stated, the majority of the power rests among the people. The people are able to review…

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