Essay about What The Fuck Just Happened?

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Blue (Chapter six)
What the fuck just happened? All I kept thinking while listening to the shower running in the other room was how did this night turn from sugar to shit that fast. Getting out of the bed I headed to the balcony to put one in the air after all the shit that Pinky just said I needed this kush just so I could relax and breathe. I know I don 't wanna lose my one true love, Pinky’s perfect not just her body and beauty, but in every way. She 's smart and she knows how to make a man feel like a man. But King has always had my back even when I was a little stinky ass dirty kid who 's parents would rather get high then take care of their child. I was reminiscing and starting to relax when I heard the door slide open to the balcony. Pinky stepped outside looking good enough to eat, her hair was up in a messy bun, I loved that shit, the cheetah print romper she wore made her ass and hips look bigger and sexy as fuck, she had on some pink red bottoms and pink accessories, she was so dam pretty but it fucked me up to see how sad her eyes were. I got up and was about to hug her but she put her hands up to stop me. ‘’No Blue not this time, your not gonna say I 'm sorry, hug and kiss then I just let you back in. Not this time I only came out here to tell you I 'm leaving I just wanted to say one more thing.” She took a deep breath and I could tell she was fighting back tears, “Blue I love you I really do but this time I love me and Lyric more, if you can 't tell King and…

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