What Test Anxiety Is, And What It Means? Essay

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Summary of Article 1: They defined what test anxiety is, and what it means. In the article, it first showed how test anxiety truly is a problem, which can cause bad test scores in students all over the United States. The article further explained why the anxiety-ridden students perform poorly on their tests, “because they are too preoccupied with the thoughts about failure before or during a specific evaluation.” (Article 1: (H. Cho, 2016) ) The article also explained how cognitive techniques can reduce test anxiety. They then go further to say how Mindful Based Stress Reduction can help with test anxiety and all a person needs to do is to attend three training sessions in mindfulness. Mindful Based Stress Reduction “teaches participants to pay attention to their internal experiences, such as breath, body sensation, emotion and cognition. It further teaches them to observe these experiences without judgment” (Article 1: (H. Cho, 2016)1 They conducted a study with 233 people from a University in South Korea (which is important because it is about how mindful breathing effects test anxiety on students.) The results of teaching the students daily mindful breathing practices were effective in that this studies results showed that this was had a very positive effect on students test anxiety, and shows long lasting results because there is more than one session of the mindfulness training.

Article 2: A popular article Summary of…

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