What Some Of Our Art Today And Through The Ages Essay

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Unconsciously Christian. That is what some of our art today and through the ages has consisted of; not being able to fully acknowledge the art form to be of religious faith but the intention is to be that way. It is almost like they are a secret service trying to spread the gospel without being pushed aside or torn down by non-believers. Mumford and Sons, a London based folk rock, bluegrass group has been rooted in the faith for as long as I can remember; it was there all along it just has never been verbally pronounced. “Imagine” written by Steve Turner brings to light the facts and opinions of christian in the arts; their struggles and achievements along with suggesting it all to be tied to the five concentric circles. Mumford and Sons does not in any way use the word “Jesus” or “saved” in their lyrics but instead wants us as the listeners to figure it out for ourselves and not just handing it to us so easily. Mumford and Sons has never put a christian label on their music and I can understand that; it is hard being an art group who is christian, they have to think about ratings and how appropriate everything they make has to be. “They include religious undertones in their melodies, especially concerning issues many believers struggle with and ultimately overcome” says Christian P. Emmert who reviewed the band’s lyrics in christianity today (deseretnews). Specifically one of their songs titled “Believe” integrates faith in the lyrics discreetly saying that “I don’t even…

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