Essay about What Religion Do You Practice?

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There are many religions in the world, each with their own traditions, beliefs, and rituals which often contradict each other. Growing up in household in which both parents come from different regions and have different religions, has affected my outlook on religions as a whole. Whenever I’m asked the question “what religion do you practice?”, I’m always unsure how to answer that because I don’t know the answer to that myself. I pray and worship to the Creators of both religions without discrimination but some ideologies don’t always see eye to eye and in those cases I do what’s write according to my morals. My answer has bothered my family many occasions because according to them I have to take my dad’s religion and make it mine. While my dad practices Sikhism, which is very liberal, my mom follows Hinduism, a more conservative religion. To me its wrong to label myself as a Sikh or a Hindu because I don 't necessarily agree with all of the beliefs and ideologies of those religions. In some cases beliefs from both religions contradict my beliefs which causes an even bigger conflict with my family. A belief from both religions that contradicts with my beliefs is the caste system. To me the caste system is pointless because when we were created, we were created as equal. “The Creator” did not intend for there to be a caste system, which is based on your income and what class your family is from. To me the caste system is something created by humans to find more differences…

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