What Part Of Florence 's Problem Is A Micro Level Problem? Essay

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Exercise I: Looking at Florence’s Problem on Three Levels
What part of Florence’s Problem is a micro-level problem?
-Florence experiencing and witnessing abuse by her parents, aunts, & uncles.
-Florence’s feelings of being disliked by her mother and aunt.
-Florence being depressed about employment & hanging her head down.
-Florence crying and feeling alone, after Dave’s death.
-Florence feeling alienated from her family.

What part of Florence’s problem is a mezzo-level problem?
-Florence’s mother being ill.
-Florence’s boyfriend dying in an accident.
-Florence’s daughter being removed from the home.
-Florence’s neighbors complaining of abuse of her daughter.
-Florence being isolated by her neighbors.
-Florence having companionship w/people from school.

What part of Florence’s problem is a macro-level problem?
-Florence having an upbringing on a farm with limited income.
-Florence being unemployed and needing services from welfare.
-Florence being the third child to nine children.
-Florence being forced to drop out of school to work.
-The childcare agency offering parental classes in a limited rural area.
Exercise II: Testing Your Cultural Competence
1.) We know from reading the brief explanations that the man form Vietnam may be reluctant to share vital information, because of his culture. We know that this man may be keeping problems faced by the family secret and may just be telling a professional what they want to hear. I’m thinking this client is set in his ways and…

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