What Makes Up A Family Essay

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In any family science textbook or dictionary I read, the definition of family changes. No single definition of family is universal. Every person has their own definition of what makes up a family. I also believe that the definition of family can change over time. Life events happen and people come and go from our lives. There are new additions that occur during a lifetime, whether it be births, adoptions, marriages or new close bonds to people you share history with. My definition of what makes up a family is different than everyone else, including those whom I consider my family.
My family is made up of the people whom I consider to have a close relationship with. I would be willing to do anything for the people that I make up my family.
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Now that I am becoming a mother for the first time, the new addition to my family circle is my child and my partner. Although I have been with my partner for some time our bond and love for each other has seemed to grow with the news of my pregnancy. Living together and waiting for the arrival of our child, I feel as though they are now a part of my family. We are begging to form our own family separate from our parents and siblings, but just because we have our new family it does not mean that our parents and siblings are no longer part of our …show more content…
Traditions can change over time because of certain circumstances. One of my closest friend does not nor has she had the same traditions as myself. She was raised in a family of five were I was raised in a family of nine. This alone affected the way things were done in our homes. We had different ways of doing things, for example in my home a tradition was that my mother cooked all the meals and my father never stepped foot in the kitchen, in her home both of her parents participated in making the family meals. Another was that her parents were open about controversial topics such as sex, alcohol, and drugs, were as my parents would not have bee open to those things. Such differences, did not make a difference in the bond we had because are values and beliefs were stronger and more similar than the traditions that our family did at the time. She is a wonderful

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