What Makes People Lazy? Essay

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What Makes People Lazy?
Laziness or indolence can be found in almost every person. Due to laziness, people constantly postpone important things for later. They become disorganized and spend more time on entertainment than on work. It has become a costly problem for people; therefore, they decide to find ways to overcome laziness. Today we have much information about how to eradicate laziness; unfortunately, this information is useless in most cases. To overcome laziness, a person needs to put in some effort, and that is not compatible with indolence. Even when a person understands that his laziness causes problems, it sometimes will persist. So why are people lazy? I’m a fellow sufferer, I’d like to know what drives people to be lazy.
There is a famous saying: “Laziness is the engine of progress.” People come up with new technologies which are designed to simplify their life, but at the same time they make them lazy. I once saw a man walking his dog while he was driving his car with the dog running alongside the car as if it was a regular everyday occurrence. I believe that technological progress is the most obvious reason why people are lazy nowadays. They have too many inventions which can do work for them, like escalators, self-flushing toilets, and they even made a small, two-wheeled, electric vehicle, which called the Segway, to help people move faster along the sidewalks; as a result, people’s laziness deepens.
The invention of a computer was one of the greatest…

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