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All groups of young female friends consist of many different personalities, strengthening a friendship. Shared interests bring friends together, but their different attributes strengthen their bond. Each friend contributes a dominant characteristic to the group. I have four best friends, and we all bring something different to the table. Personally, I bring kindness to our coterie. Making sure that my smile and thoughtfulness is a constant in our friendship. Whenever a friend needs anything I don’t hesitate to do all I can for them. Having different personalities in a group of female friends makes their bond stronger, whether it’s the jokester, the “bum,” the adventurous friend, or the “mother.”
The jokester is usually not taken seriously
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What people don’t realize is the lazy friend is usually really efficient, adding to the bond of the group. Friends who usually procrastinate always find the most efficient way to get things done. Back in California, I work at Stanford Chipotle with my friend Annabel. She is unusually lazy and does the bare minimum when working, but she is also very efficient. During our shift, Annabel would place the best people at certain stations to make sure everything is done quickly and efficiently. Her plans always worked, and we would get out of work early. Since all of my best friends worked at Chipotle getting out of work early would give our group a chance to hang out afterwards. Lazy friends can be quite productive when they really want to get things done.
More so, the adventurous friend is seen as the outgoing eccentric one, but they strengthen the group by adding culture. The amazing things the adventurous friend introduces to their friends is cultivating. My best friend Nikki loves to travel and try new things. Whatever she learns she shares with the rest of the group, whether its interesting facts, fun traditions, or delicious foods. Last summer Nikki spent the summer in Italy. She learned how to make delicious homemade pizza, and it’s our group 's favorite dish to eat. Adventurous friends bring fun, exciting new things to the

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