What Makes Humans Have A Strong Desire For Power? Essay example

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What makes humans have a strong desire for power? Arthur Miller uses multiple characters to show the struggles that each person will go through to gain power over others and or free themselves. Also, these characters show different conflicts that occur within Salem and changes in motivation. Arthur Miller makes Abigail Williams a person that can free herself from others and gain power through multiple lies. Abigail also shows her goal of getting of John Proctors wife and making up a false persona of Elizabeth. Furthermore, Abigail says, “She hates me, uncle, she must, for I would not be her slave. It’s a bitter woman, a lying, cold, sniveling woman, and I will not work for such a woman!”(Act 1, Miller). This shows that she’s willing to spread lies and rumors about others to gain power. Also, she is able to convince people that’s she’s a “slave.” Abigail will also make up witchcraft to deflect blame on Mary Warren. Furthermore, Mary says, “Oh, Mary, this is a black art to change your shape. No, I cannot, I cannot stop my mouth; it’s God’s work I do” (Act 4, Miller). Abigail has gained so much power that she’s able to make up her own “witchcraft” and have others be put on trial. Also, when she says, “God’s work I do” this makes others believe that Abigail is a poor girl, who believes in God. Abigail is motivated by the fear of losing her reputation and being with John Proctor. Arthur Miller makes Elizabeth a character that struggles to free herself from Proctor. Elizabeth…

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