Essay about What Makes A Society?

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Everday we walk past numerous people, and never do we once stop to question how life must be for them. As a society we have become numb to each others problems, and created sides so divided that even listening to each others arugements are no longer an option. We have screaming matches on live television, and devalue each others experiences without even considering how damaging it is to particular communities. We’ve cultivated a society who is ignorant to the truths of a different cultures, and live off preconcived sterotypes from film and shows. We dehumanize others simply because we lack the initative to listen to the experiences of others, which creates a futher divide. So what happens when we spend time to gain a deeper understanding of someone else’s life experience? We begin to learn not everything can be fixed by time or put our hopes in future generation to repair the damages mad. The first step to change is to listen. Through listening we are able to allow a community to feel valued, learn the fundamentals of a culture, gain appreciation that culture, and portray different cultures in a factual and respectful manner in media. One of the many harmful things within in media is sterotypes. Sterotypes are products from the lack of knowledge of culture, which creates damaging effects for furture generations within that particular community. In fact one interviewee, Diana, who was born in the Philipines and raised in the States, explains, “As a Philipino I seldom see…

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