Essay What Makes A Person?

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I wont this paper to be towards kids and choice. What makes a person? I say what makes a person is his or hers surrounding influence. People that walk by and see me wouldn’t be able to tell that I come from a very low income family, also come from a neighborhood were both my neighbors on my left and my right including the house in front of me were cook house (drug houses). Or that I went to an elementary school were 98% of students are expected to drop out of high and not even make it to college. Most people that know of kids that come from the same background as mine or even worst are known to look downed on as thugs or worthless…losers, but with good reason. Because most or the time that’s the outcome.

Not me. I don’t let where I come from effect who I am or who I become in the future, why? Because I was influence at a young age that I don’t have to be a person that’s looked down upon like most people in my area, but that could be different and matter, with that influence came a choice. A choice, were I could prove to those who think where I come from is the bookmark in my future. Luckily for me I had my mother who is my “super hero” that guided me and gave the proper influence. But unfortunately not every kid growing up is given the right influence. But what is influence? Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character. When kids are growing up they are learning thing from what the color of the sky is to learning what’s right and wrong. Their brains are…

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