What Makes A Network Of Associates? Essay

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Amnesia A slideshow of familiar faces and people; every frame associated with a particular smell, taste, emotion, or feeling. Our memories are foundational to each of our personalities and influence nearly every decision that is made throughout our days. A network of associates weigh the possible benefits and repercussions of every decision that could influence you in the future at supersonic speed, based on previous experience and recollection. So, how would someone without access to their own past database continue developing and what kind of character traits and decision making would this person have? While it is hard to imagine being unable to remember your own experiences and progression to develop your core foundational values, due to the intricacy and delicacy of our neuroanatomy, this does, in fact, happen and severe memory loss, or “amnesia”, manifests itself in several different forms which each relate to disconnections in specific neural pathways for coding and storing information subconsciously. The first, and possibly most misunderstood, form of amnesia that comes to mind for most individuals with exposure to western popular media would be the “Fugue State”—a type of dissociative amnesia. A fugue state is typically characterized by an absence of consciousness for a brief or extended period (usually ranging one to several hours, but has been reported to last as long as several months in some patients), in which the subject denies being aware for any of the…

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