Essay on What Makes A Modern Day Hero?

1075 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
What makes life so uncertain are not necessarily the precarious instabilities of man and nature, but our own fragility and strength in the face of adversity. Ultimately, throughout course of one’s life there comes a time when we all need saving. Whether it be physically or emotionally, it takes a hero either within ourselves or within someone else to save the day. Although there are heroes in every time period, some remembered and some forgotten, they all share the same qualities despite facing different problems. For instance, a modern day hero would be considered to be brave and selfless, have a strong sense of justice and duty, and above all, be be able to withstand whatever life throws at them. In other words, a modern day hero is larger than life. Obviously, the attributes of a modern day hero did not just come into fruition recently. Without a doubt, these attributes originated from a fairytale like poem written around the seventh century where the the first ever hero was a warrior named Beowulf. In the epic poem written in Anglo-Saxon England by an unknown author, the hero Beowulf exemplifies selflessness and bravery, a sense of justice and duty, and a larger than life strength which makes him the model for a modern day hero. Through each battle, Beowulf shows readers what it really means to be brave. What superheroes like Superman, Green Lantern and Captain America all have in common is that they all possess incredible bravery and selflessness that just ordinary…

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